Noora Tapio running for member of parliament

Noora Tapio is a student of the social sciences from Tampere. They are an activist and a member of the city council who works for human rights, environmental issues and equality, both in grassroots environments as well as in the parliament.

Noora’s goal is to systematically strengthen the voices of those groups who have been set aside in political decision-making. The eradication of poverty and the advancement of human equality are goals that Noora works towards with all of their resources – be it through campaigning, bringing forward issues in the council or taking part in public discussion. As a politician Noora is an advocate of constructive debate, and makes understanding the day-to-day life of ordinary people a priority. They also base their views on a robust basis informed by up-to-date research.

The idea that human well-being is dependent on the well-being of the environment is a core aspect of Noora’s work. Finnish climate politics must go through a decisive shift in direction in order for us to combat and adjust to the effects of climate change. This work requires Noora and young adults like them, who are ready to face this challenge seriously.

The climate will not wait

Climate change is a threat to the future of the natural world and that of humankind on a scale never before witnessed. Finland must do their part on a local level, and also advance the cause of ambitious, progressive climate politics internationally. Finland must be made coal-negative by the end of the 2030’s, meaning among other things that Finland’s forests and marshlands should reduce the amount of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere by a factor that is higher than what our society releases into the atmosphere.

Updating the rules of working life to a new decade

Our social security system is fragmented, and does not guarantee adequate subsistence in all situations one might encounter in life. For this reason we must adopt a universal basic income that is paid to everyone of working age, and taxed off progressively from those who do not need it. Studies have shown that basic income increases well-being and trust in society.
The punitive systems incorporated into our jobseeker’s allowance, such as the waiting period and the activity-model, must be rolled back. Working must be made into everyone’s right, instead of a coercive burden.
Through improvements into parental care, we can create better employment opportunities, especially for women, while also sharing the costs of parenting more equally between employers.

Education is Finland’s core strength

When combating inequality, education is key. The finnish education system has been a success story, but the cuts made into education in recent years have eroded its good qualities in a way never before seen.
Everyone should have the right to a free upbringing and education, ranging from pre-school to university-level. Advancement in education should be an option in every part of life, and sufficient student counceling should be provided for all those who desire it.
The budget for research, education and innovation must be raised to five percent of our gross domestic product. Finland does not compete through low wages, but through a high degree of competence and education.



The elections are held on 14.4., and votes can be sent in advance during 3.-9.4. All those with a Finnish citizenship may vote in the elections.

If you wish to join Noora’s campaign support team, send a message to the address Everyone can be a part of their campaign in the capacity that their skills and timetables allow! Welcome!

You can also support the campaign through a donation, which will be used mainly to cover advertising costs. Even a small donation is extremely valuable to us.
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